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What causes acne on the forehead? Know the cause

What causes acne on the forehead? Know the cause and recommend the correct treatment method. Acne on the forehead (Acne Aestivalis) is a type of rash that is often caused by allergic reactions from various factors. It looks like a small rash. distributed in various

Menstruation is over. Why do I still have acne?

Menstruation is over. Why do I still have acne? As menopause approaches, many women begin to experience changes in their skin. Resulting in dryness, dehydrated skin or easy bruising.  And the changes that can occur from hormonal fluctuations are acne, which is considered normal during the

Benefits of petroleum jelly.

Most people use petroleum jelly to nourish dry lips and skin. But the properties of creating moisture and locking water in the skin can be applied to other parts of the body as well, such as Use to nourish hair to reduce the problem of dry,

What is sun protection or SPF?

The SPF (Sun-Protection Factor) value is Numbers used to indicate the level of skin protection from the sun. The different numbers are based on how much more protection from UVB rays is than normal. However, SPF does not show how effective it is at protecting body

How to buy sunscreen?

Sunscreen is a substance that protects the skin from ultraviolet rays or UV rays (Ultraviolet Radiation: UV) by helping the skin not be damaged by sunlight until it burns or cause various dark spots in body. Choosing to buy sunscreen or products that protect from the

Kimchi and its health benefits.

Kimchi is rich in probiotics or beneficial microorganisms that live in the human intestines. If probiotics are increased in quantity and in the right amount. They may help reduce health problems and enhance the body’s ability to function better. But in addition to probiotics Kimchi has other benefits as well.

 Benefits of vitamin C that you should know.

Vitamin C has many benefits. Because it is a vitamin that plays an important role in various processes in the body. In this article we have collected some of the benefits of vitamin C for you as follows: 1. Antioxidants One of the properties of vitamin