8 frequently ask questions about dandruff – and how to deal

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8 frequently ask questions about dandruff – and how to deal with them yourself.

What causes dandruff? It is a problem and question that many people are searching for an answer to. Because when you look in the mirror and see white flakes distributed on the hair and scalp. Even if you wash your hair every day, it still won’t go away. It becomes more than just annoying or itchy. But the flakes of white skin that fall off all the time are often noticed by those around you.

As a result, people with dandruff feel a loss of good personality and lack of confidence. Today we have gathered together the most popular questions and doubts about the problem of dandruff and answered them here. Complete with methods for taking care of and fixing in the beginning. According to โปรโมชั่น ufabet

Q&A with common problems regarding dandruff

Q: What causes dandruff?

A: Dandruff is caused by the scalp dividing abnormally and causing it to peel off. The abnormal division of the scalp can occur for many reasons. both from frequent washing. The shampoos used contain harsh detergents and are not suitable for the scalp and hair. Leaving hair wet for a long time Makes the scalp dry Loss of balance and accumulate fungus Including the use of chemicals such as perming, dyeing, or straightening hair. And most importantly occurs regardless of whether the skin on the scalp is dry or oily. It can cause dandruff.

Q: What are the causes?

A: Dandruff can be caused by many reasons. Whether it’s heredity, hormones, physical and emotional stress, weather conditions, dyeing, perming, straightening the hair, shampoos used that contain harsh substances or washing the hair too often. Including the condition of the skin on the head being oily. Dampness causing mold accumulation and causing the acceleration of skin cell turnover faster than normal Until itching occurs Inflammation ensues.

Q: Dandruff causes hair loss. Can you really thin your hair?

A : Although dandruff is not a direct cause of hair loss, But the scalp is out of balance, dry, inflamed and itchy more than usual. Instead, it is the cause of hair loss problems. because of a weak scalp Friction from frequent scratching It will make the hair roots even weaker and cause the hair to fall out.

Q: Picking or scratching removes from the scalp. Will it help reduce?

A : Picking or scratching the scalp. In the hope that will fall off and reduce. It is something that should not be done. Because scratching will cause the scalp to become inflamed and irritated. It can make the dandruff problem even more severe. Taking care of the scalp by using shampoo that contains important substances to care for the scalp and reduce itching. together with not washing your hair too often or make the scalp damp It will truly help reduce.