What you should know about sunscreen and UV rays.

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Sunscreen cannot completely protect the skin from UV rays. You should use other methods to protect your body skin as well.

People older than 6 months can use sunscreen if their doctor has not prescribed other methods to care for their skin from the sun. They should wear clothing that protects their skin from the sun. Including avoiding exposure to bright sunlight To reduce the risk of skin damage from UV rays UFABET

Not all sunscreens protect against all UV rays. Some sunscreens may only protect against UVB rays. This is only 5 percent of the rays that reach the earth’s surface, while some sunscreens block both UVB and UVA rays.

Always wear sunscreen when going outside. This is because the sun emits UV rays throughout the year. This radiation can penetrate the skin and damage the skin.

Sunbathing to get a tan is dangerous. This is because the skin will receive a lot. The UVA rays cause the skin to age prematurely. Dark spots and blemishes occur , while cause the skin to burn. Resulting in the risk of Skin cancer is high. However, some tanning products do not contain sunscreen to protect against UV rays while tanning.

Sunscreen labeled Water Resistant will protect the skin in water for 40 minutes, while sunscreen labeled Very Water Resistant will protect the skin in water for up to 80 minutes. that Waterproof or Sweat Proof is considered an uncertified product. Because the word is used incorrectly and it misleads consumers.