5 ways to bet on Sic Bo online.

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5 ways to bet on Sic Bo online that newbies know. Talking about Sic Bo. Anyone who has never played or knows the name. But probably thinks. It’s a simple bet with just dice and shaking cup. We only have high-low bets. That’s all. But when I really put it in, even Sic Bo will not difficult to play at UFABET.

Bet on specific numbers

This betting different from the general Tong bet Sic Bo online. We have to guess. Which number of the three dice will drawn between 1-6. Only three of them must appear on the same face as we predicted to win. The pay rate is at bet 1 pay 150

Tong bets without specific numbers

The winning condition for betting. This style is asking all 3 dice to come out on the same face. Can number The payout rate bet 1 pays 24, excluding capital.

Double bet

The betting pattern is similar to the Toad bet. That is, two of the three dice must out of the page. That we bet. Only bet on a pair will single number (1-6). Two of the three children must issue the same number as we bet. The pay rate bet 1 pays 8, excluding capital.

thrust tod

It is a specific bet with 2 numbers (1-6). That the dice will face with what face. The winning condition is that we have to guess correctly 2 out of 3 balls only. For the pay rate is bet 1 pays 5, excluding capital.

Bet on total points

In total score betting, it is consider to the bet with the most diverse payout rates. Because we have to predict. How many points the total of all the dice will get. And in the total points, each point will have different pay rates as follows