Roulette formula for big investors

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Roulette formula for big investors.

This roulette formula is suitable for people. Who have a lot of capital and like to take risks. We do not guarantee that the result will always be a win. Betting in this formula covers 30 numbers out of 37. Where the player still has a chance to lose. The player chooses to bet on red or black for a total of 180 baht and then choose to bet on 12 straight opposite numbers. 10 baht per number, totaling the capital. 180+120= 300 baht. A bet on a specific color covers all 18 numbers, plus a bet on 12 numbers of the opposite color the player bets 30 numbers out of 37 numbers. You can start by ทางเข้า UFABET

Player bets on black 180 baht and chooses 12 red numbers [1,5,9,12,14,19,21,25,27,32,34,36], 10 baht per number, a capital of 300 baht. right one The player will profit from that turn 60 baht. 
The chance that the player will lose money only when the number drawn is 0,3,7,16,18,23,30 total 7 numbers

However, online roulette is a rather difficult casino game that relies heavily on luck. Also, the dealer has a slight advantage over the player (House edge). We recommend that players read the rules and study the probabilities before starting to bet

To see the repeating statistics is when looking at the past statistics of the roulette board and choosing to bet from the probability of recurrence. For example, 5 even numbers have drawn in a row, bet on the next turn with an odd number of 50 baht. because There is a probability that the number will change the page.