Tiger-Dragon card layout formula

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Tiger-Dragon card layout formula.

ping pong card layout formula

effective betting We have to know how to use a variety of formulas because it is better diversification Using a single formula for every turn, which this formula we call alternating cards Similar to playing ping-pong such as Tiger,Dragon,Tiger,Dragon or Tiger,Dragon,Tie and Tiger like this etc. which opportunities can arise at any time And such opportunities have already had many successful people.

Two-eyed card layout

Another recipe that is equally popular. It will be similar to the table tennis card layout. Namely the pair of cards are issue alternately. Creative opportunities are also good. If notice that Two passes are dealt the same card. We can try our luck by playing opposite cards. For example, such as dragons, dragons, tigers, tigers, dragons, dragons, tigers, tigers, which if this card is introduce to you. Go until the card layout changes.

Flow stab

in betting maybe We have to rely on timing and opportunity. which if we are in the range that can not set the rhythm The flow stabbing is also no less interesting. Let us note that In many eyes in the past, there were many things that came out in a row. Let us stab like that.

It was consider a very popular formula and was a basic technique use by Saints. By allowing us to notice it is not difficult. Which the card is Either side wins in a row. For example If the dragon side has won 5 consecutive turns. The chance of the dragon coming out for the 6th time is very high. To issue the same award What’s more, you’ll have a chance to win. Which is the method you have to try. Go to ทางเข้า UFABET