Ex-Chelsea defender says Trent plays defensively

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Ex-Chelsea defender says Trent plays defensively like a Championship player.

The former France defender sees the Reds’ right-back as good as an attacking game. The defensive game is like a player who plays in the secondary league.

Former Chelsea defender Franck Lebeauve has criticized Liverpool right-back Trent Alexander-Arnold’s defensive play at the Championship level.

The former navy blue lion defensive line admits that he is very fond of the attacking game of the Reds full-back But for the defensive game. He looks like a player in the English second league only.

“Look at Trent Alexander-Arnold, I love his attacking quality. But his defensive game is only at the Championship level,” LeBeouf told the UFABET

“Only Klopp’s system suits him. when it doesn’t work like last season What you see is his defensive weakness. I want to take him to do some basic training with me.”

“I will tell him Turn your head back and take a look behind you. And it will get better, like Roberto Carlos has changed the form of a modern defender.

For Trent, he has shown excellent form since joining the Liverpool senior team in 2016, having made 227 appearances for the Reds, scoring 13 goals and providing 62 assists.