Sheriff 0-2 Manchester United: Collected issues

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Sheriff 0-2 Manchester United: Collected issues after the UEFA Europa League game. The Red Devils manage to collect the first three points.

Ronaldo unlocks goals with new record

Cristiano Ronaldo was give chance to start this game. After both Rashford and Martial remained injure and unavailable. Which today referred enough to have the opportunity to win many times But still not doing as well as it should. Good to get a penalty to help unlock the first score of the season. But it was clearly from the penalty shootout. That looked unsure of the full hundred. That chose to shoot for sure in the middle of the goal that the weight was not strong. But good that the home goalkeeper chooses to dive all the way to his right hand The goal was a new record for him as it was the first goal in his career that CR7 has scored in the UEFA Europa League at the age of 37.

Sheriff is good but lacks teamwork.

Looking at the 90-minute performance today, Sheriff himself seems to have a strong point in terms of the unique abilities of the players. Most of them colore skinned shins, good shank units, strong physiques. There is technique and speed. It can seen from the fact. That they play an offensive game. You can use your unique abilities in a one-on-one duel. But that turned out to be a double-edged sword because when they had a break they tended to hold the ball for too long. Or try to continue playing by yourself. Did not choose to double or pass the ball in the first stroke, causing missed rhythms that might have an advantage. That makes entering the dangerous area still seem too choppy, even though sometimes they can actually create a golden opportunity.

The situation in Group E

The victory in this game allowed the Red Devils to collect 3 points in European football this season. Second in the group after two games They have the same points as Sheriff, the third-placed team, but have better head-to-head. While today Real Sociedad beat Manchester United in the first game. Still excellent with a 2-1 win over Omonia Nicosia, keeping 6 points full of the group’s top at this time.

Face-to-face game with the real thing!

With Manchester United’s league fixtures postponed for two consecutive games against Crystal Palace last weekend and Leeds United on Saturday. That means they will fully rested because next week. The program of the national team comes to separate another week. And before he can return to the field again, he has to wait until Sunday, October 2, which is a game that must invade the Etihad, home of Manchester City, the city’s rivals whose form is not less hot at Now, this will be a real indicator of the quality of Erik ten Hag’s squad, whether they are good enough to be contenders for the title race this season.