What causes acne on the forehead? Know the cause

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What causes acne on the forehead? Know the cause and recommend the correct treatment method.

Acne on the forehead (Acne Aestivalis) is a type of rash that is often caused by allergic reactions from various factors. It looks like a small rash. distributed in various areas Especially around the face, forehead, etc.

What causes acne to appear on the forehead?

1. Not cleaning the face thoroughly.

This causes dirt to clog the pores, causing acne breakouts on the forehead.

2. Allergy to hair products or the hair is not clean

Only for those who wear bangs or long hair. If the hair touches the forehead area It is also the cause of acne on the forehead.

3. Hot weather causes sweat on the forehead.

Sweat on the forehead or wearing a hat for too long causes sweating. If you don’t clean it quickly, sweat stains may accumulate on your forehead and cause acne breakouts on your forehead.

4. Caused by a yeast called P. ovale.

The cause of yeast acne breakouts is thought to be related to pollution. Because during the hot weather Our sebaceous glands will work more. This causes excess oil to remain on the face and becomes food for the yeast.

5. The body’s immune system is weak or the body is not strong.

weak immunity It can cause acne in various areas as well.

6. Eating food that is too sweet

Because desserts often contain ingredients of sugar, milk, butter, and fat, which can also cause acne breakouts on the forehead.

7. Not getting enough sleep

Especially those who like to sleep late. If you start sleeping after midnight The body will not able to secrete hormones that help take care of the facial skin.

8. Digestive and eating problems

If you eat less than 2 hours before going to bed, the digestive system will not be able to completely digest the food. Some toxins may remain in the body. Including eating fried food that is not healthy. Too much oil can cause acne breakouts. Report from ทางเข้า ufabet https://ufabet999.com