Have clogged pores or sensitive facial skin – differences

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Have clogged pores or sensitive facial skin – differences and steps to take care of it.

https://ufabet999.comHave you ever been confused about. Do I have sensitive skin or acne or both acne and sensitive skin? It is not strange at all if girls I’m not sure. Because the symptoms of sensitive skin and acne both indicate inflammation and irritation beneath the skin. However, the cause including other factors that are involved are different. The first thing is sure whether you are really facing the problem of sensitive skin or not in order to choose the most effective skin care products that are most suitable for your skin problem. Report from ทางเข้า ufabet

Symptoms of “Sensitive Skin” can divide into 2 groups

1. Symptoms that can be seen include dry, peeling, red, rash skin

2. Symptoms that cannot include tingling, burning, itching, burning or discomfort. skin, etc. Visible symptoms of sensitive skin may not appear to be very serious. But the symptoms are clear. is a symptom of feeling This may happen all the time. When the skin is exposed to various irritants around it 

 As for the characteristics of “acne”, the symptoms that are clearly visible include “clogged acne” – it looks like a small rash. It can be blackheads or whiteheads, all the way to “inflamed acne” which looks like a raised, red bump that may or may not contain pus. This type of acne can also cause you to feel a little pain. Importantly, in some cases it can both acne. and also have sensitive skin This is due to continuous use of acne medication causing the skin to become thin. Irritating

If you already know that the symptoms we are facing are symptoms of sensitive skin.

Or have combination sensitive skin Now comes the step of skin care. To care for sensitive skin You should pay great attention to selecting skin care products in every step. Make sure that the products you choose are 0% formula free of skin irritants, that is, they do not contain harsh chemicals such as SLS, AHA or BHA that accelerate skin exfoliation. or substances that are likely to cause irritation such as preservatives, perfumes, or alcohol 

In addition, the products you choose should effective in restoring and strengthening the skin’s protective barrier with Natural Moisturizing Factors such as arginine, which help reduce irritation and inflammation that accumulates in the skin. With natural substances like Lichochalcone and can reduce the sensitivity of skin cells to stimulation. By substances proven to instantly reduce skin sensitivity. and suitable for sensitive skin Sensitive to irritation is Symsitive.